A fast-paced mobile diving game.

Bluelife is a diving game with a momentum-based movement system. Think of a racing game - but there is no predefined track and your opponents are underwater creatures, various obstacles and of course: Your rapidly depleting oxygen tank.

Master unique abilities.

Blueilfe has 4 unique abilities that allow the player to interact with the environment and truly master each level. The abilities can be obtained through purple chests and can be upgraded. The following abilities are available in the game: Boost, Shockwave, Shrink and Slow Motion.

Customize your Character.

Bluelife allows for extensive character personalization with cosmetics, fins, skins and different trails. Cosmetics can be bought with the in-game currency, skins can be acquired using real money, fins are unlocked through chests and trail skins are a reward for reaching higher scores in the endless mode.

Play endlessly.

Bluelife features 30 levels, each with new gameplay elements, in addition to an endless mode, which gets progressively more challenging and includes magic pearls that give the player randomized effects. Reach new high scores to compete with players on the leaderboard, collect goldfish and unlock new trails.

An action-packed experience.

Explore 30 unique levels or enjoy Bluelife's endless mode, unlock and uprgade abilities, customize your player with cosmetics and skins and level up your ship. Collect all stars and beat the final boss.

Bluelife offers a diversified gameplay experience that will bring joy to diving game enthusiasts as well as competitive gamers and speedrunners.

Bluelife Logo mobile game by PaulPlay Paul Play
Bluelife Logo mobile game by PaulPlay Paul Play

Advanced Features:

  • Controller support with icons

  • Accessibility features: left-handed mode, multi-language support, vibration settings

  • Google Admob integration

  • Google Firebase Analytics for balancing purposes

  • Leaderboard for the endless mode with Google Play and Game Center integration

  • Cloud Save via iCloud Keystore and Google Play, in conjunction with a local backup

  • Graphics settings and WebGPU support

  • Built-in Speedrun Timer with level & playthrough time

  • in-App purchases